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What to Wear at Bedtime


When thinking about what to post for my sleep tip, this is the first thing that came to mind. The reason is because my friend is a new mum and she often messages me asking what I’m dressing Sofia in overnight as she isn’t sure.

And although Sofia is over two, I still sometimes feel so confused about what to dress her in for this crazy weather.

I have always used @thegrocompanyaus guidelines because I use their tog rated sleeping bags. This has always made it that little bit easier. The thing is that you definitely don’t want to over heat bub. However, you’d prefer baby not waking from being cold.

My children both run pretty warm so I’ve always found they can do with a little less clothing. Cristian now self regulates with his blankets so I definitely worry less about him. Sofia still uses sleeping bags so is a little trickier. . 
Here is my very rough guide for what works for us...(*this is my personal preference and is based on room temperature*)
17*-19* - no sleeve singlet, onsie and 2.5 tog sleeping bag
19*-20* - long sleeve singlet and 2.5 tog sleeping bag
21*-23* - summer pjs/short sleeve singlet and 1.0 tog sleeping bag

This is my very, very general guide that I follow. We use our heating and aircon to regulate the room as well. Remember that at night you are dressing for the coldest part of the night so it does require some guessing.

This works well for Sofia but your child may be more prone to getting cold. 

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