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If you have a hectic schedule and can’t always be home for nap time, then it is important for your baby to learn how to transfer. This can mean transferring from car to bed, car to pram etc. ⠀

I will begin by stating that some children are just not very good at this. No matter how many times you do it, it may not work every time. However, I do believe that with persistence babies can get used to it. ⠀

We are at our parents’ house twice a week and therefore both kids kids fall asleep in the car on the drive home and we then transfer them to bed. Most of the time they transfer quite easily.⠀

In the early days, when Sofia was not a great sleeper, it was difficult because she would wake and not resettle. Cristian also went through a short phase where he’d only nap in the car and not transfer. I persisted with both by not allowing them to only sleep (or fall asleep) at home because it was not realistic for us. There were times that I regretted persisting, but it did pay off.

I do find that children will generally transfer easier at nighttime. During the day, if Sofia has slept for more than 30 minutes, she is likely to wake and be difficult to transfer. It is helpful to have her in the car in her sleeping bag (the grobag travel sleeping bag has access for belt buckles), and with her dummy and Lulla. This way there is no need to disturb her during the transfer. Those sleep associations also give her the right cues.⠀

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