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Too much advice?


If you are in the middle of the sleepless zombie mum stage then I’m completely sure that you are being inundated with sleep advice. Either it’s from loving family or friends...or you are reading every “get your baby to sleep” book on the shelf.

You will quickly begin to realise that a lot of the advice (apart from safety standards) is contradicting or just plain confusing.

As I reenter my studies, I am reading a whole range of texts about baby sleep...and I’m a little confused myself. There’s the cry-it-out method, the pick-up-put-down method, the gentle solution, the co-sleeping method...and the list just continues.

This made me realise that there is no perfect fit solution for every baby and every family. It comes down to your own parenting style and philosophy and also your baby’s own personality and temperament.

If you are looking for sleep help and solutions, and prefer to not attend a sleep school or have a sleep consultant, then I suggest you find a book/books that speak to your own ideology. If you can’t stand listening to your baby even whinge for a moment then why would you read about cry-it-out? If co-sleeping is not an option, the. Don’t waste more sleepless night researching it!

I hope this reaches a stressed out, over informed mum and alleviates some of the confusion. You know you and your baby better than anyone...so follow your gut. And if you want more personal and guided solutions then sleep schools or sleep consultants are your best bet!

Melbourne VIC Australia

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