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Temperament Affects Sleep⠀


Did you know that your child’s temperament can affect their sleep? Did you know that our temperament is something we are born with, but we can learn to adjust to situations outside our comfort zones?

Tracey Hogg (aka The Baby Whisperer) recognises 6 different temperaments on babies. These are...

1. Angel - just an easy kid all round
2. Textbook - does everything by the book including leaps or tantrum phases
3. Touchy - very sensitive to change and often emotional 
4. Spirited - full of energy and difficult to calm down
5. Grumpy - always seems to have a chip on their shoulder

Which one do you think best describes your baby’s temperament?

By knowing your child’s temperament, you are able to adjust your routines and settling techniques to suit them best. This will then create a more positive environment for both of you.

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