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“Swaddling can help calm a baby – it is thought that swaddling helps recreate the restricted space in the womb.

Some studies have shown that swaddled babies wake less frequently and sleep longer than non-swaddled babies.

Swaddling may also help reduce the risk of sudden infant death by keeping babies on their back during sleep.” - pregnancybirthbaby.org.au

These days there are many wraps available and many ways to wrap. It is believed that the wrapping can also reduce a baby’s startle reflex so therefore reduce awakenings during sleeps.

We ‘burrito’ wrapped Cristian until around 6 months of age, when he began to roll. Sofia on the other hand preferred her @lovetodreamaustraliaswaddle as this allowed her to comfort herself with her hands near her face. This wrap still reduced her startle reflex, but held her hands up. We stopped using this when she was 5 months old and started rolling.

Melbourne VIC Australia

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