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Steph Pase

Steph shares everything from organisation to interiors, fashion, mum-life and fitness on her blog. She is full of useful tips and tricks that have changed the lives of so many women, including me. She is real, she is supportive and she is passionate about making mum life that little bit less stressful through a decluttered home.


Business Questions

What made you begin your blog?


I started the blog back when my first daughter; Harper was only a few weeks old. I felt very isolated as a first-time mum and didn’t really have any mum friends around me. I wanted to connect with other women and also share my own experience. 

What are the positives and negatives of having this platform?

There are so many positives of having this platform. I have been able to create this amazing community where we can all connect and support one another. I’m also able to do this as my full-time job, which allows me to be home with the kids a lot more and also work so many incredible brands! I’ve also been invited to speak at a lot of events this year which it also super exciting! I really do enjoy being creative and making content to help so many women out there! 


There are of course a few negatives that come with the blog, one being judgment. I’m lucky enough I don’t really get trolls but if I ever do, it hurts of course. At the end of the day you can’t please everyone and that’s ok! Another tough thing is definitely the juggle of the business and trying to work from home with kids around. There are ALOT of hours that go into it every single day, a lot of early mornings and late nights. But it is so worth it. 

What has been your highlight with your blog?

Oh, there is so many! But definitely once I was asked to help raise funds for PANDA which is a foundation I feel so strongly about. It is there to support women with Pre and postnatal anxiety and depression. Something I went through myself so being able to make a difference is just incredible. 

What has been your biggest challenge with the blog?

The biggest challenge can be that you don’t get a day off. I think over the last 3 years I’ve only had 2 days off when Willow was born! You need to be consistent to connect with your audience and show up and bring that effort every single day. Somedays like anyone else I just don’t feel like putting out content but it’s what I love so it’s worth it!  

What are your tips for juggling mum life, the blog and looking after yourself?

To be honest I still haven’t figured this one out entirely myself! But I do like to time block my days and I’m huge on routine. I like to get up earlier than to girls to get a head start on emails and editing videos or content. I also use the girls nap time to work or clean the house haha. I still haven’t got it entirely figured out but no-one is perfect. Self-care is super important as a mother so I try to get to the gym 4 days a week just for that me time!

Organisation questions

What's your most popular organising question?

Oh, that's a hard one! Probably just how to start!

What is your number 1 tip for someone wanting to begin organising and decluttering?

It would be don’t try to tackle it ALL at once! You need to declutter and organise section by section. This way you won’t be overwhelmed and give up. I have a declutter challenge on my blog which is a perfect place for anyone to start!

Which room in the house is the best starting point?

Honestly there is no right or wrong way. I started in the kitchen because it’s one of the focal points of the home. But just write down all the sections in your home and do them bit-by-bit. 

Why is organisation and decluttering so important?

Because in the long term it will save you sooo much time, which mums don’t get much of! It’s also so important for your mental wellbeing. Just think about how much better you feel when the house is clean, it’s the same when your day is organised and your home isn’t filled with clutter.

Is your house always today and organised? What's your secret to maintaining order?

Definitely not haha! The kids will always make mess and that’s ok! That’s what they do. I like to do a few quick tidy ups during the day and follow my cleaning schedule (on the blog). The cleaning schedule breaks all the housework into sections for each day which only takes me 20-30mins a day! This helps me keep on top of it. But no, my house is definitely not always clean haha!

Mum life questions

What is your number 1 piece of advice for a new mum?

You’ve got this! Just think about all the situations you have go through, you are so capable!

What was the worst advice you received as a mum?

That if my kids weren't hitting milestones by a certain age that it really bad. Honestly each kid is SOO different. You ant compare children. But if you feel something is wrong then trust your gut!

How have you changed as a mum/business owner?

Soo much! I am actually a lot more relaxed these days. With my first I was so stressed all the time because I was always worried about her, now I have two I’m a lot more rationale. In terms of business I’ve been making myself step outside my comfort zone this year and doing a lot of speaking gigs (which still scare me) but I’m getting more confident slowly. 

What was your most embarrassing mum moment?

Once I was playing with willow on the floor and the post lady knocked on the door. I grabbed willow and answered. The lady looked at me SOOOO weird. Once I got back inside I realised that Willow had a huge clump of poo ON HER HEAD!! I have no idea how it even got there. I was mortified haha!

What was your most challenging mum moment?

When I had breast milk supply issues with my first daughter Harper. I put so much pressure on myself to breastfeed. I actually ended up having retained placenta which ruined my supply! It was such a hard time for me. 


What does a day in the life of Steph look like?

Usually I get up before to girls, check emails, make a coffee. Then I get the girls up and ready take them to the gym with me (they go to the gym creche while I work out). After that we usually go to the park or playcenter. Bring them home for nap then I get back into work and housework. Then we play outside in the backyard or do some crafts. Once the evening hits I have dinner ready by 5pm and bath and bedtime routine starts at 6! After they are asleep I clean up the house and back into work! I try to watch some crime documentaries most nights! 


What is the next step for your blog?

I’m getting into YouTube! I’ve always wanted to so excited to be bringing you all one video a week! There is also another exciting thing happening later this year but it’s a secret for now!

What is you next life goal?

That’s the secret I can’t tell you at the moment haha! But I also want to travel more with the family! (If you check out her socials you may notice something new she has launched!)

What is your guilty pleasure?

CARBSS. I’m actually obsessed with pizzas and bread haha! And of course, organising!

Anything else you would love to share?

That it isn’t about having the perfect pantry or cleanest house. I want you all to feel like you’re not constantly drowning in chores and motherhood. I hope my free resources and blogs help you stop feeling like a slave to your own home and life!

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