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At around age three, children begin to have nightmares and can begin to fear bedtime. It is also a time when children begin to become demanding at bedtime. This is when children may begin to avoid bedtime or become quite upset when told it’s time for sleep.

Although this time might be frustrating, it’s really important to give your child lots of reassurance and talk about sleep. Talk about the fact that you are just there, outside the door. Talk about the fact that they will see you in the morning. Talk about the fact is what makes them grow big and strong.

I have always found it useful to begin preparing the kids for bedtime in advance. I often give them a warning about how long is left before pj time or bedtime. This often allows time for any conversations to ease them into bedtime.

Cristian has began being upset at bedtime due to missing us. So we have found it useful to talk about that a lot. We talk about missing each other but also the time we have together. Cristian and I have also been promising we will meet in our dreams and he will tell me where to meet him. This is super cute and he really enjoys it.

Sofia has begun being scared of dogs barking at night time. Being little it is often hard to reason with her. But we do still tell her that the doggie is outside and that he’s friendly. For her, I think it’s a bit of a phase. Often just soothing her through the monitor is enough. I just remind her that I am there and that she has all she needs in her room.

No matter what the situation for your child, make sure you have lots of conversations with them about their concerns. A parents’ reassurance is often enough to help them through a phase.

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