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A great sleeper will sleep anywhere, but children require the correct sleep environment to get a restful sleep. Especially for a child that is sleep training and learning to self settle. 

The sleep environment for a child should be quite dark so that they are not stimulated by the things in their room. We use the Gro blockout blind in both kids rooms. Their bed or cot should be a safe place to sleep. You should be following the safe sleep guidelines.

I always found it important to make sure that a child is used to the room they are required to sleep in. Let them play and enjoy their room during the day so that it is not a foreign space they are sleeping in.

Nightlights or white noise machines are a personal choice. Our children’s rooms have always had a nightlight. This helps with finding a dummy in the cot or being able to leave the room for the bathroom. We have never used white noise except for the sound of Lulla for Sofia.

If your child is having difficulties with their sleep, assessing their sleep environment is a good place to start. 

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