Tips for Raising Happy, Healthy Kids at Every Stage

No one ever said parenting would be easy, but there are countless resources out there for navigating the challenges of raising kids. Whether you’re a new mom or you’re raising kids in their teens, it seems there is always something new to learn. These resources will help you handle each stage and age in stride.

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The Importance of Structure

Whether you have toddlers or teens, they can benefit a lot from routines and structure. These resources will help you provide a sense of stability for your kids.

● No matter your kids’ ages, a great way to have structure is to establish clear rules.

● Having bedtime routines ensures your kids get enough sleep while also having structure.

● Likewise, following a regular nap schedule for little ones helps too.

● Having family meals together is another great routine that can help you bond.

Play Ideas for All Ages

Routines and structure are great, but kids also need the freedom to explore and color outside the lines sometimes. These ideas can help your kids get the most out of their downtime.

● Always give your kids lots of fun alternatives to screen time.

● Encourage constructive play with blocks or other building materials.

● Learn about the weather with some at-home storm spotting.

● Don’t underestimate the power of unstructured play.

● Foster your kids’ imagination with these pretend play ideas.

● Explore new hobbies together to expand your kids’ horizons.

Playing with toys and doing hobbies is great, but kids can also benefit from a little educational screen time every now and then. These tips will help your children get the most out of their time online while also being safe.

● Providing your children with a kid-friendly tablet will give you peace of mind.

● Check out some STEM lessons online to get your kids excited about science.

● Kids can also have fun with online reading activities.

● Playing math games can help your kids get more engaged in their lessons.

Being a parent is no easy task, but if you’re having a hard time, you’re definitely not alone. Luckily, there are endless resources right at your fingertips to help you through all the challenges that come with each stage of your kids’ growth and development.

Written by Kristin Louis