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Early Learning: It's All Fun and Games

Part 2: Play Based Learning Experiences

Here I have shared a list of games and experiences you can try with your child/children. This maybe a good list to keep handy for those rainy days when you are not sure what to do to keep the child/children entertained. Remember not to pressure your child, you want to make this fun. If you feel that the child is getting frustrated with the question or isn’t engaged then just let them play and enjoy it.

Snakes and Ladders

This is a fun and simple board game for children aged 3 and up (although it is suggested for older children, with supervision, I believe this can be used earlier). This board game can teach turn taking, one to one correspondence (counting the number on the dice) and number recognition.

Questions to ask while playing:

  • Can you count the dots on the dice?

  • Whose turn is it now?

  • What number did you land on? *Do not expect your child to know all the numbers. Especially numbers over 10. However, they may be able to tell you they can see a 3 in 30. Then you can tell them the number is 30.

  • Which way do we need to move our marker? *This may be difficult to understand but asking the question each time and briefly explaining why it goes that way will support their learning.

Snap! or Go Fish! (card game)