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If you are looking to get a pack made up (printed, laminated and prepared for you) fill out this form for a quote

Here are your options:

* Alphabet Flashcards         

* Alphabet Matching Cards

* Alphabet Chart

* Number Chart

* Personalised Name Pack

* Sight Words Flashcards

* CVC Words Flashcards

* CVC Words Bingo

* CVC Letter Cards

* My ABC Colouring Book      

* My Handwriting Book

* My First Dictionary

* Number Poems

* Playdough Placemats  

* 100s Charts

* Colour Flashcards   

* Shape Flashcards

* Number Flashcards 0-10

* Number Flashcards 11-20

* Numbers Matching Cards

* Friends of 10 Poster


* Dice

* Whiteboard Marker

* Counters

* Velcro added to Shape & Colour activities

~ Feel free to ask for other additions or items from other packs ~

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