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School Readiness: Part Two


AIf your child is starting school here a few things to look out for (especially if you are still unsure). These tips come from the School Readiness Seminar we attended.


I think it is still important to look at your child individually and have open communication with the teachers. .


• Speaks in clear sentences and can be understood (not only by friends and family)
• Is aware of his/her name in a list
• Can hold a pencil correctly
• Remembers songs and can sing them to you
• Enjoys books and holds them correctly
• Can follow 2 or 3 instructions without distraction
• Can thread beads or build with blocks
• Can go to the toilet independently
• Generally happy and settled at kinder • Can redress without help
• Adapts to changes in routines

This list is only a small snippet of things to keep in mind when thinking about school readiness. What are your thoughts on this list? Would you say your child fulfils this list?