School Readiness: Part One


As many of you may remember, Cristian’s birthday falls just before the school cut off date. This means we have had a lot of thinking about whether to send him to school next year or repeat four year old kinder next year. ⠀

Six months ago, we were convinced he would be repeating kinder. We had conversations with the kinder teacher very early on and we were basically on the same page. However, over this time he has matured so much and is truly doing amazing at kinder. ⠀

At home we still see an emotional and hot headed little man. But at kinder his learning is exceeding all our expectations, he is learning to control his emotions and is socially prepared for school. This kinder is very conscious at preparing children for school. They prepare students to be independent as well as run literacy and numeracy groups. They focus on social and emotional skills and teach age appropriate strategies to cope with various situations.

Last week we had our parent teacher interview. We discussed his successes and any concerns. And we have decided that the best option for Cristian is for him to go to school next year. Although he is an emotional child, this won’t change even with repeating kinder. It’s just his nature. ⠀

If your child’s birthday falls in this same category, it’s important to have open lines of communication with the kinder. The decision should always be well informed. This can often affect there schooling in a negative way and therefore should be thoroughly thought out. ⠀

So now I need to prepare my heart for the fact that my baby is going to school next year. All the Mum nerves begin to set in. Will he be confident? Will he make friends? Will he learn what he needs to? Will he miss me? ⠀