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Do you teach your child to be resilient? Are they able to ‘bounce back’ after an issue with another child?⠀

At my meeting tonight, we discussed children’s resilience in the playground and it got me thinking. It is our natural instinct to quickly defend our child when there is any kind of altercation. ⠀

But is this the right thing to do all the time? It’s so tough to work out how to teach our children to be resilient but also know when they need our help. ⠀

So here is a scenario for you…your child is in the playground and wants to play with another child. That child says “no I don’t want to play with you.” Your child comes and tells you this. What is your response?...⠀

A) Go up to the other child and tell them they have to include your child. ⠀
B) Talk to your child about the fact that they can’t always have their way and that sometimes others don’t always want to play with them. ⠀
C) Approach the other child’s parents. ⠀

What would you do?⠀ ⠀