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Newborn Sleep Cycle⠀


Did you know that a baby’s sleep cycles do not begin to develop until around 7 weeks of age?⠀

Therefore, it is completely normal for a baby to be quite wakeful and unpredictable in the early days. Around 8 weeks of age a baby begins to produce melatonin (the sleep hormone) and therefore is able to fall asleep better. ⠀

A baby’s sleep cycle is also dramatically shorter than an adult. Their whole cycle only last 45-50 minutes. If a baby is unable to settle back off to sleep between cycles, this may cause frequent waking. ⠀

It is important to be realistic with our expectation of newborns. They are meant to wake often. They are meant to rely on you for a while (remember how long they were a part of you). A young baby may not be able to self settle so it is important to respond to their needs as they won’t learn anything from crying out (this is applicable to early new horns). ⠀

If you are a Mum of a newborn, be kind to yourself and your baby. What may seem to be difficult is actually normal. 

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