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Mireille is the creator of Prep Steady School Ready. She is a Primary School teacher with two children of her own.

In business, she aims to equip parents with useful tools to help prepare their children for school. Her products are personalised, fun and affordable.


Business Questions

What was your biggest challenge when starting up your own business?


My biggest challenge was actually the technical side. Getting an ABN, a bank account and so on. I can now see why people don’t take that risk and start their own business, its all too complicated. Luckily, I have a very clever hubby who supported me throughout it all. So if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have started Prep Steady School Ready. 


What business advice would you give to a mamma starting out?

Be easy on yourself. Don’t look at other biz mummas and compare but find other like minded mummas that motivate and inspire you. 

What has been your greatest business achievement so far?

Oh my goodness, this question actually makes me so happy! A little back story….All the resources, flashcards and booklets were all HANDMADE by me. I printed them, laminated them and cut them to size. Some weeks I would be up all hours of the night making them. There came a point where I decided I needed to do something about this. I needed help. I decided to invest in my business and my packs. I got my booklets and flashcards professionally printed and they look AMAZING. To see the product that I created made so beautifully is my greatest achievement so far!

What was your job before your business?

I am still a Primary School Teacher. I work two days on Kindergarten/Prep- I absolutely LOVE it.

Which product/s do you enjoy working on the most?

I love all my products, seeing them being used by children is so humbling. 

What is the biggest challenge of running your own business? What is the greatest benefit? 

The biggest challenge would be the many hats that you have to wear. Technical support, marketing manager, IT consultant, Customer service manager. That’s the challenging part at this point. 

Early Childhood questions

What would be your first for a mum who wants to introduce your products to their child?

I would say the Personalised Name Plate Pack. Children absolutely love seeing their names on things. 

What’s your most popular product/activity? 

Most popular would be the The Literacy and Numeracy Pack- It includes EVERYTHING they would need to help get their child ready for big school. 

What are the benefits of these activities?

So many benefits! My packs are designed to allow children and parents to start their learning journey with ease and confidence.  

What age are they most suited to?

 Most suited to children aged 3-5 years old.

Mum life questions

What is your number 1 piece of advice for a new mum?

All the hard stages are just a phase and they will pass!

What was the worst advice you received as a mum?

I actually didn’t receive any terrible or bad advice- I am so lucky!


How have you changed as a mum/business owner?

I have learnt to manage my time better and to be in the moment. 


What was your most embarrassing mum moment?

Oh goodness, when I had my second baby girl I was so sleep deprived, I went to a café with my mum and sister and I had a new top on with the tag hanging out. A lovely lady came quietly and whispered in my ear and helped me take it off….I was so embarrassed. 

What was your most challenging mum moment?

The lack of sleep that comes with having children. I feel like no one ever warned me about that part. I have now come to adjust to the less sleep and continue life as a walking zombie. 


What does a day in the life of Prep Steady School Ready look like?

Each day is very different. We wake up, get the girls dressed, have breakfast, go to the park or run some errands or have some playdates so that my girls’ cups are full then we come home, have lunch and then its nap time for them and I do some work, when Miss G (1.5 years old) wakes up we play, then I make dinner and get started on the night routine. Once the girls are asleep, hubby and I have dinner, spend some quality time together and then I get back to working until 10-11pm.


What is the next step for your business?

Just to start working on my marketing and really nurturing my customers and their children. 

What is your next life goal?

This is actually a really challenging question! I actually hope to grow my family with having one more baby so that is my next hope for our life. 

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