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When a baby is first born, they are filled with the goodness of the sleepy hormone, melatonin. This is all from the baby’s mother. This is why people often think their baby is a great sleeper in those first few weeks. They are rather sleepy and generally feed and sleep.

By about week four to six, this begins to wear off, however the baby is yet to be able to produce melatonin alone. This often results in wakefulness in this age bracket. It can be quite confusing for new parents. Parents can sometimes begin to panic and think that something is wrong. This also coincides with the baby’s ability to smile socially (in response to your face).

Around week 8 (roughly) babies begin to be able to produce the hormone themselves. This is an important time to promote a darkened sleep environment. The darkness encourages the body to produce the melatonin, which in turn results in better sleep.ou just do you!

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