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Learn Through Play


In an upcoming article I am writing, I will share with you all the benefits and potential of play. There is so much pressure on our children to learn so much before they begin school, that we forget how important it is for them to play and explore.


And when analysed with a fine toothed come, you will soon see that there is much to be learnt through play.


I now ask you to think about the last activity your child did. Whether it be playing with a toy, reading a book or digging in the garden. Now think about the following concepts and work out which ones you think they could’ve been learning about during their play.


  1. Oral language - Were they using lots of adjectives to describe something? Were they practising saying new words? Where they responding to questions you asked?

  2. Colours & Shape - Were they sorting something into colour or shape? Were they discussing colour or shape? Were they making patterns?

  3. Number skills - Were they counting? Were they recognising numbers? 

  4. Letters - Were they writing or creating letters? Were they identifying letters? 

  5. Social skills - Were they sharing? Were they turn taking? 

  6. Fine motor skills - Were they using their fingers to pick up small objects? Were they building with LEGO? Were they completing a puzzle?


I can almost guarantee that most ‘play’ that children are involved in also leads to learning. Sometimes we just need to give them the opportunities, lead a conversation or join in the fun.