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Involve Both Parents at Bedtime


This may seem like simple common sense to some, but to many it just doesn’t happen. This ends up resulting in a single parent having to be there at every bedtime. ⠀

If you are in a two parent, it is important to have both parents involved at bedtime. (Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems by Dr. Richard Ferber). I will be the first to admit this was not the case in my household when Sofia came along. 


Sofia was a difficult sleeper at the best of times so it just became easy for Marc to sort out Cristian while I worked on Sofia. This ended up becoming a habit that would bring me great stress if I knew I wouldn’t be there for bedtime. We really had to work hard on getting her comfortable with Marc at bedtime. This definitely took persistence but she adjusted well, especially upon me returning to work and her becoming a better sleeper. 


When sleep training or changing sleep associations, if this is the case for you, the parent who is less involved at sleep times may have more luck breaking old associations. It is important that both parents be on the same page and persistent with any new routines or settling methods. Bedtime is not a time for good cop/bad cop, otherwise the child will begin to favour one parents and you’ll be back at square one. ⠀


Marc and I both follow the same bedtime routine. Although our bedtime song might differ or the amount of books we read, the sleep cues are the same. At this point we are both able to put both children to bed without a fuss. In all honesty, when we are both home, I put Sofia to bed because when I’m there she sometimes just wants me. However, if I’m not there she is absolutely fine with Marc, so we don’t really push the point if we are both home. This gives me a little bit of freedom to be out of the house at any bedtime. 

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