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In Their Own Time 


We often compare our children to those of the same age. We wonder why our children are not doing the same things. And then we sometimes push our children to ‘catch up’.

There is no need for this. Children will do things in their own time. If all of them were the exact same, our world would be a boring place.

I am fortunate to be a part of a mothers group that is not into judging and comparing. Our babies all reached milestones at different stages. Cristian was the first to walk but the last to talk. And as a group we celebrated each child’s achievement (and still do!).

As a teacher, I’ve often been asked why a child is doing better than another or what a parent can do to make sure they reach the same levels as others. And my response is always the same.

We should be looking at the individual child. Focusing on their successes and personal goals. As a parent you should be doing the same. Give them time and they will get there. Every child will have strengths and weaknesses and that should be ok because as adults we do too.