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Children have such a big imagination that can easily be explored if we give them the chance. Have you ever listened to your child play on their own? Have you noticed how imaginative their ideas are?
A lot of toys and games aimed at children can often be quite scripted and therefore leave little room for imagination. Even a lot of LEGO now comes with each different creation in its own box. What happened to just opening a huge tub of blocks and coming up with your own ideas?
We give our children all these fancy toys, yet they are constantly 'bored' and have nothing to do. So lets begin giving them less and let their boredom lead to exploring. It is not a bad thing for your child to be bored, because if they are bored they will learn to discover their own imagination.

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What would happen if you gave your child 10 blocks, a small ball and a toy cup? At first they will probably ask you what they are supposed to do. Then they may complain that they don't know what to do with them or that they don't have enough things. But soon enough you will discover a child who has used their imagination to come up with something not even you would've thought of.