Holly & Marie

Two sleep deprived Mums who decided to make the awake minutes count. Facing Motherhood is sassy self-care for Mamas [only]. 


Business Questions

What was your biggest challenge when starting up your own business?


This ain’t our first rodeo. We’ve both been running our own businesses before facing motherhood kicked off. However, we decided to add another biz to the mix shortly after our 2ndbubs arrived. We blame it on sleep-deprivation. Made us a lil’ cray-cray. The biggest challenge is that we have all-the-ideas & none of the time. But it’s a season of motherhood & bizhood, so we just roll with the punches. 


What business advice would you give to a mamma starting out?

Business is rewarding but it’s not the glamourous ^sit by the pool in Bali with laptop^ life people think it’ll be. You’ve gotta love what you’re doing & remind yourself WHY you started. This’ll get you through the sh^t storms. 

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

The feedback we get from tired & sore Mamas. We know errrbody is busy, so the fact they take the time to email, DM & PM us with such kind words, gives us the warm n’ fuzzies. 

Mum life questions

What is your number 1 piece of advice for a new mum?

Dear new Mum, things are hard right now. Really hard. You’re keeping another human alive. Who knew babies were so much work, right? But, you’ll get through it. The fog will lift & you’ll wash your hair again one day. Maybe even blow-dry & straighten it, all in one go. But please remember this – you need to care for yourself with the same love & attention as your bub. Go & book in an appointment to see the GP / Pelvic health specialist / Physio…whoever it is you’ve been putting off. Your health & wellbeing is more important than ever. Take care, new Mama. 


What was the worst advice you received as a mum?

“Holding your baby too much will make it needy.” Ummm ex-squeeze-me? 


How have you changed as a mum/business owner?

Being a Mum & biz owner are very similar. There’s long hours, no downtime & often many tantrums. But, both have helped us to really see what’s important in life & hone in our intuition. Gosh, that sounds woo-woo but it’s so bloomin’ loud when the stakes are high. 


What was your most challenging mum moment?

We’ve both got sassy 4 yr olds with a bucket load of ‘tude. It’s terrifying to have a mini version of yourself push you to your limits.


What does a day in the life of Facing Motherhood look like?

Every day is different & we like to blend biz in around our family. They come first. Holly is in charge of blah-blahs & writes the socials, emails & blog posts like this []. Marie is our skincare formulator & beauty guru. She concocts the best natural goodies for Mums & gives jaw-droppin’ tips to our facing motherhood community. Together, we work on how to reach more & more Mums, so they know there’s something spesh to help them. 


What sets your products apart and why are they so beneficial to mums specifically?

Facing Motherhood is a natural and vegan skincare range for Mums that’s made in Melbourne. It is designed specifically to help women who are facing the challenges of motherhood – such as sleep deprivation and postpartum discomfort.


As modern motherhood is fuelled by coffee, caffeine is a winning ingredient in skincare for Mums. Its biggest perk is that it helps to improve circulation. Caffeine prevents the blood from pooling under the eye area, which is what causes dark bags. It’s not surprising that our caffeine-based eye cream [ESPRESS yo self] has been our most popular goodie. We can’t help Mums get more sleep but we love helping them look like they’ve had some.


It’s important to us to create a range that is simple, multi-purpose and addresses the specific needs of tired and time-poor Mums. Simply put, skincare = self-care.


Anything else you would love to share

Wanna try our goodies? Use the code ‘LITTLELIFECO5’ to get $5 off your order at facing motherhood. Offer valid until 7thJuly 2019. 

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