Helen & Lisa

Mama loves to share is a Frankston/Mornington Peninsula based blog sharing all things “Mama Life” has to throw at us! The places we love to go, the food we love to eat, kids, family, adventures, women who inspire us and the joys (and jokes!) of motherhood.


Business Questions

What made you begin your blog?


Our first children (now 8 years old) were born literally a month apart. We supported each other constantly through our pregnancies and through the newborn stage. Literally hundreds of text messages, phone calls and house visits... we have always had a passion for writing and photography and helping other people in our community so we just thought if what we were writing to each other was helpful and funny perhaps other people would find it helpful and funny too! So Mama loves to share was born!


What are the positives and negatives of having this platform?

The positives far outweigh the negatives which is a good start! We love connecting with our audience, sharing our stories and hearing their stories in return. Receiving messages from mums thanking us for a certain piece of advice or a recipe or just for sharing a bad day and making them feel better knowing they are not alone... that means so much to us and really makes everything we do so worthwhile. We have also met some incredible women through instagram who we now consider good friends of ours, that would never of happened without the blog. Being able to take our kids to attractions and movies that we might not of otherwise been able to afford to go to is also a fantastic positive. We would say the only negative is having to be on our phones so much! It's really 24/7, replying to DM's, thinking of posts every day, engaging with other blogs to make sure we stay on the algorithm... we are lucky there is two of us so we can share the workload.

What has been your highlight with your blog?

We have had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands over the past few years which has been amazing. Our Ultimate Ladies Day which we held in March this year was also a highlight for us. It was a sold out event and was just the best day. We are currently in the process of organising another one for later this year so that will be awesome, we loving connecting with the community and providing women/mums an opportunity to have a girls day out!

What has been your biggest challenge with the blog?

Honestly, the biggest challenges are things that we have no control over which is super frustrating. We have a website but with our content being predominately on social media, we unfortunately have to reply on the algorithm gods to show people our content! It can be so disheartening to work really hard on something only to check it a few hours later and it has had hardly any likes of comments. Instagram has changed from when we first began. It's certainly a lot harder to get engagement now unless you're willing to pay for it which we would never do. It's also frustrating that we have put years of work into building a community around our content and then we see blogs just popping up left right and centre who miraculously have 20k followers without even doing a post yet! It's all games which is frustrating because that's not what we are about.

What has been your biggest challenge with the blog?

Well this is something we struggle with every day so I don't think we are the best to give tips on the matter! What we do know though is that you start to find a rhythm and you can tell straight away when something is getting more attention than the others... the balance shifts and things can become a little chaotic so it's important to make sure things are balanced evenly. First and foremost our kids are our number one priority. Both our husbands work very long hours so we are both the primary carers of our kids and takign care of our homes. If the kids are happy and our houses are clean (as clean as they can be!) then it's easier to work and do the blog because happy kids and a clean home allows us to work without any guilt! Of course the best days are when the kids are at school/kinder, the house is clean and we have the entire day to work alone on the blog! They are the best days! 

Mum life questions

What is your number 1 piece of advice for a new mum?

Don't listen to any advice! Honestly, listen to your gut instincts. Also accept the food. Allll the food! If anyone asks what they can do to help, tell then you would love a meal! Baby presents are great but dinner on the table is even better!

What was the worst advice you received as a mum?

Honestly it feels like so long ago now since we were new mums! I think in general though, everyone has their own opinions about feeding, sleep routines, when to start solids etc... again, it comes down to following your gut and what works best for you and your family.


How have you changed as a mum/business owner?

We are both 3 kids in now so naturally we have evolved as mothers, hopefully for the better! We have definitely become more relaxed with each sequential child, I guess you learn from past mistakes. Business wise, we have become wiser as time goes on. We definitely put a lot more value on our time now. We put hours into creating content and ensuring it's the right fit for our audience, this is our job so we need to make sure we value that time away from our families. 


What was your most embarrassing mum moment?

Every single day there are embarrassing moments, we just choose not to get embarrassed about them! Whether it’s realising you have the kids weatbix smeared on your shoulder during a work meeting, losing your nana at the kids in the middle of a busy supermarket or bolting through the school gate like a mad woman at 9:02am, there’s very little glamour in motherhood. So you’ve just got to own it, we are mums and embarrassing shit happens! 

What was your most challenging mum moment?

(Lisa) Besides bringing my first child into the world (that was a bloody 20 hour challenge!), trying to make sure I’m meeting her emotional needs is one of my biggest challenges. Trying to find the time to give her the right attention she needs and also find the right words in an emotionally charged moment, all while staying calm, is very tough for me. She has anxiety and is very sensitive and emotional. It’s hard to give her strength during a meltdown when I’ve not had to worry about anyone else’s anxiety but my own, until now. She has a heart of gold and that heart cops a beating regularly so it’s tough trying to piece it back together but also teach her resilience and preventative coping methods so that she can learn what’s not worth getting upset about. 


What does a day in the life of Mama Loves to Share look like?

Fight with the kids to get dressed for school, make the lunches, drop the kids off, get home to clean the house and check emails, coffee, maybe a meeting, film a video, maybe a recipe, pick the kids up, drive them to dancing/swimming/soccer, fight with the kids to eat their dinner and go to bed... Haha! No honestly, every day is different, some days we do nothing for the blog, other days we are super busy... it's just a crazy mix of everything, there is no one day that's the same!


What is the next step for your blog?

Well the next step is organising our Ultimate Ladies Day which is in the woodworks. It's going to be on a much larger scale than the one we held in March so it's really important that we nail the concept and ensure it's a big success. We are scared, but excited!

What is your next life goal?

We can't wait to see where Mama loves to share takes us over the next 12 months. We are honestly keeping open hearts and welcoming opportunities that come our way. We know the social media train won't last like this for ever so it's important for us to find projects away from Instagram and Facebook so that we can continue to work together as a business. We are so lucky to be best friends who get to work together so we want to continue that for as long as we can!

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