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Failure is Important


You may be sitting there, thinking you’ve read this wrong. But no you haven’t! Failure something children need to experience in order for them to understand and feel achievement and persistence.

Do you always intervene before your child has a chance to fail? If you do, I know it comes from a good place, trust me I know. However, the truth is that you are actually not helping them at all.

Can you sit there now, and honestly tell me that you have never experienced failure in your lifetime? No, because unfortunately it is something we all experience. But we have learnt how to get back up again, try harder and persist in order to achieve and accomplish. How did we learn this? Through our experiences of failure, that’s how.

Therefore, the true lesson to help your child learn, is what to do when they do fall down. Give them the skills they need to get back up again and try harder and persist each and every time. With comes the ability to problem solve and self-esteem.

With the rate of depression and suicide in our young generation on the incline, we have to know that we can do something. We can give them the skills to help them face the challenge that life is, inevitably, going to throw at them.