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Encourage Independence


We spend a lot of time trying to do everything for our kids to make their lives easier (and sometimes even our own). However, there comes a time that we need to encourage them to do it themselves in order to be prepared for kinder and school.

When your child starts kinder they should be able to complete the ‘morning routine’ on their own. The types of things included are carrying their own bag into class, getting out their lunchbox and water bottle. They should be able to open their lunch box and the containers inside. They should begin to try to take jackets off and put them on and do the same with velcro shoes. Therefore, by the time they begin school they should be experts at these tasks.

Of course they will get help from their teachers while they are still learning, but they should doing their best. The only way to prepare for this is practise. Make these tasks fun at home and get them learning how to be independent. Small steps and they will get there.

Trust me, I know that we want to keep our children little for longer, but it is for their own benefit that they learn to complete these tasks.