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This is always a very divided subject amongst parents. Some swear by it and others won’t go anywhere near it. Truth is, it’s personal choice!⠀

If you choose to give a dummy here are a few points to note and tips to remember...⠀

1. It will take some babies quite a while to take to a dummy. ⠀

2. It should not be used in place of feeds (duh! But I know someone will point this out if I don’t!)⠀

3. There will be a few months of having to replace the dummy during the night. However, by about 8 months most babies are able to find their own dummy and therefore settle themselves.

4. When this begins to happen, place numerous dummies around the cot so they are not trying to hunt down one dummy in their sleepy state. Sofia currently has four in your cot. She sleeps with one in her mouth and then one on each hand...whatever worlds baby girl!

Many worry about getting rid of the dummy and this can be difficult for some. We got rid of Cristian’s dummy when he was 3 years old. We talked about it for a while and then gave it to the Easter Bunny the night before Easter. The bunny left him some special presents because he is such a big boy now. And his dummies went to other babies who needed them.

This worked an absolute treat for us. He asked for the dummy maybe twice but then nothing. It was like he never had it.⠀

We made the decision to have a dummy for both our kids. It was our choice. It worked for reflux and it worked for a sleepless Sofia to at least be calm. Cristian had his dummy from 6 weeks old and Sofia had it from the day she was born.

Melbourne VIC Australia

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