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Dot to Dot


A simple way for children to learn to write numbers, letters or their name, is to follow a dot to dot. This is often a more successful way because you can show them the direction in which the letters or numbers need to be written. I always place a coloured dot at the starting point for the letter or number.
This is an interesting way to get children interested in writing. They can trace the dots in different colours and you can call it rainbow writing. Remember that if you make it sound interesting, they will be more likely to want to do it.
Cristian is at a stage where he enjoys writing different words, so when he asks me to write a word for him to trace I will always use dots. Once he has the hang of it, he can then write it on his own.
 ⠀If you child is at the stage of wanting to write, try this activity with them. Dot to Dot their name and get them to trace it. Share you photos of their finished product on Instagram and tag @littlelifeco or email your images to me for reposting.