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Correcting Reading Mistakes


As a parent, it’s often difficult to know what to do when your child starts school and begins reading. Do you correct every mistake? Do you tell them the words? Do you read it first?

Here are some little tips to help you with your child’s reader. Some of these come from Cristian’s reading log book for school.

1. First of all it’s important to make reading with your child fun and without pressure. You are not their teacher, you are the parent. 
2. If the mistake makes sense (eg. Replacing house with home), let them continue to read. At the end of the page, go back, and ask them what the word says. 
3. If the mistake doesn’t make sense, give them a clue but allow them time to try and self correct. 
4. Reread the sentence as your child read it and then ask them if it makes sense. 
5. If they are still struggling to determine the word, encourage them to find known sounds in the word and model sounding out the word. 
6. Try and always be positive, even when correcting a mistake. You want to be encouraging. 
7. Avoid blunt statements such as “that’s wrong.” This will not help the child know what to do next and will often cause a negative attitude towards reading.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when you sit down with your child and their reader.