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Baby Confusion with Day and Night⠀


Newborn babies are often confused when it comes to what is expected of them during the day and night. You may find that your baby may sleep well during the day but is unsettled and awake during the night. Although this may settle with time, there are a few things you can do to help them learn the difference.

1. Have the baby sleep in a room with light (such as an open blind) during the day. Then ensure the room is dark at nighttime. This is a very literal message of day and night.

2. Try and implement an ‘Eat, Play, Sleep’ routine during the day. This means the child is given suitable awake time after each feed before they nap. This could include some tummy time or laying on a playmat. Then at night it should be a strictly ‘Feed & Sleep’ routine. With time your baby will learn that playtime is only for daytime.

3. Ensure nighttime feeds are not stimulating. You should keep the room dark (or have only very dim lighting) and avoid chatting to the baby during the feed. You may also be able to avoid nappy changes if they are not full. A nappy change will often wake the baby more and therefore make it more difficult to settle back of to sleep.

These tips may help your baby become more aware of the difference in expectations between day and night. However, it may take some time for them to adjust completely. There may be other reasons a baby is unsettled such as trapped wind, hunger or a developmental leap. It is always important to tend to your child’s needs first and eliminate any possible causes to their disturbed sleep. 

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