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Comforters are a transitional object that can help a child settle during periods of separation anxiety. These can replace the need to rock or put a baby to sleep. They are often a soft toy or blankie that is safe for sleeping. Of course when they are little it is to be kept away from the baby.

These are very much a personal choice, not a necessity. Some parents prefer not to introduce a comforter, in order to avoid needing to replace it during the night or remember to bring it with them. On the other hand, an object such as a blankie or soft toy can help a baby self settle and remain asleep. These can be useful during sleep training.

We introduced ‘Mickey’ to Cristian when he was about a month old. This is a safe monkey/blankie that we would lay near him at a safe distance. I used to keep it on my shirt for a night or so, just so thy it would have that mum scent. Cristian has always loved his Mickey and still needs it now to go to sleep. . 
We tried something similar with Sofia from day dot, but it didn’t work for her. She took to Lulla at 11 months and now loves her at bedtime. She cuddles her like a real baby!

The ability to have an object like this often allows a baby or child to fall asleep in different environments and have different people put them to bed. This is because the comforter becomes a sleep association that is easily transitioned to a range of situations.

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