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Christina is a mum of two gorgeous girls, a foodie and all round relatable mum. She shares her daily routines, struggles, achievements and tips with her followers. Christina often reviews products and recommends only what works for her. She is a pleasure to follow!


Business Questions

What made you begin your blog?


It all started a few years ago, I had started my own online clothing business. I used to deal with Fashion Bloggers quiet regularly and my sister told me one day that I should get into blogging and call myself The Mummy Blogger and that was it!


What are the positives and negatives of having this platform?

I’d say the negatives are getting judged by a lot of people for putting yourself out there to the world. The positives are working with so many amazing brands and opportunities you receive. I love the number of friends I’ve made through blogging.

What has been your highlight with your blog?

Just feeling the love from my followers and feeling appreciated for what I do.

What has been your biggest challenge with the blog?

The biggest challenge has to be finding my passion when it comes to talking about topics ect. Rather than just sharing product reviews and food blogging.

What are your tips for juggling mum life and the blog?

Just do the best that you can and what works for your family. I don’t always get a chance to post everyday like I should but some weeks I’m on track and motivated and post daily.

Mum life questions

What is your number 1 piece of advice for a new mum?

Do you. Don’t listen to others. Every mother knows their child and what’s best for their child. It’s definitely good to get advice when it’s asked for but don’t feel pressured to do what people suggest.

What was the worst advice you received as a mum?

Just loads of old school Lebanese Traditions.

How have you changed as a mum?

In a way yes, I still try and make time for myself as self-care is super important.

What was your most embarrassing mum moment?

Haven’t really had one yet but I’m sure it will be coming soon!

What was your most challenging mum moment?

Giselle has been pretty good I can’t complain. Having two kids now I’m sure there will be lots of challenges to come.


What does a day in the life of The Mummy Blogger look like?

Well I work from home as well as blogging. My day is usually standard running around for the kids and squeezing in work and time for myself when I can.


What is the next step for your blog?

I want to try and get more personal with my blogging not just reviews and food.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Anything that had to do with food.

What is your next life goal?

Hopefully taking my blogging to the next level and create more of a business from it.

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