Chezzi Denyer

Chezzi is a mum, a wife, a farmer, a journalist...just to name a few of her many hats. She is also the face behind Mummy Time. Chezzi is using her media presence to raise awareness for so many amazing causes such as the drought problem for our farmers as well as sharing the everyday struggles of mum life. Although she is a busy lady, she is down to earth and takes the time to reach out to her fans. She is a true inspiration to all women and young girls. 


Business Questions

What was your biggest challenge when starting up your own business/ventures?

Time and confidence were the two biggest challenges. My husband is away nearly 70% of the time leaving me to be the sole parent to our two kids most of the time. I found that I had to travel quite a bit when first setting up and that really distressed my kids, so I tried very hard to condense my work so they didn’t feel they were being abandoned. The other thing is that I live on a farm out past Bathurst NSW and I spend a great deal of time in my car driving the kids to School and sport, and home etc. My location meant I had to get up earlier, had to travel further and had to work harder to get my business/ venture up and running. It’s still a challenge today but I try really hard to work it to my advantage I.e. I always do phone calls instead of emails during this time and I often dictate rather than write while I am driving to try and keep on top of my work. The other challenge was confidence. I had little confidence that I could get back into the workforce since having Sailor (8 years ago) I had sporadic work but nothing that I had to develop and it was freaking scary. I had to back myself and I didn’t even know if I could do it. I had a passion and a strong belief in the idea but didn’t know where to start nor did I have any money to kick it off. My husband’s advice was to start small and see where it led, and that advice was super spot on.

What business advice would you give to a mamma starting out?

Know what it is you want and try to visualise what it would look like when you achieved it. For me I wanted to film a group of women on the couch talking about their Mum stories. I wanted an on-camera mothers’ group. I had no idea of all the steps to get to that point but I tried very hard to picture how it would look and how I would feel at the end…. And I took baby steps… and it happened. For Mums wanting to start up a business or a venture you need to know you can do it. By far the hardest job I have ever had has being a Mum, a good Mum, and I can say wholeheartedly if you are a Mum and you know the hustle, the juggle, you know the emotional rollercoaster of having children. then you are already ten steps ahead! Back yourself!

What has been your greatest achievement in your career so far?


Having my children has been my greatest achievement in my life, but in my career, I would have to say the most rewarding achievement was creating a Mummy Time episode dedicated to Postnatal Depression and Anxiety. I feel it really helped change societies narrative about the condition that affects so many of us. It was extremely emotional and difficult for me during the filming process as my own story kept resurfacing, but the end product was a powerful 20 minute chat with some incredible Mums who were brutally honest. And that is by far my greatest achievement ever.

What have you found most challenging about being in the public eye?


The constant criticism and judgement has been difficult, especially if you’re not feeling all that great. And let’s face it, that can be quite often. I can’t imagine reading really negative comments about yourself not ever hurting. I must admit I have now seen so many that it doesn’t sting as much, and I think I am also in a better and stronger place now so I’m more open to being vulnerable.

Do you ever wish that you and Grant could be out of the spotlight and have more privacy?


That’s a hard question. We love TV, in fact we absolutely adore the medium and we always will. The fame side of it means that people enjoy watching you (watching Grant) and that’s a fabulous thing! I don’t ever wish I could have more privacy, I love people and I love it when people come up to meet us like they know us! The paparazzi thing can get annoying. I always feel like I’m in trouble if a camera pops up, probably due to the outrageous headlines that accompany photos. It really doesn’t matter if there’s any truth in them or not, they just write what they like and that I don’t like. I especially don’t like being photographed at beach or the pool when I’m in swimmers. That’s probably the only time I’d prefer a bit of privacy but it doesn’t happen all the time, so I can’t really complain!

What have you loved most about the platform that you have to influence others?


I love that I get to meet new people and have conversations with people I may never have spoken with before. I love being able to put a spotlight on issues that are important to me. I love the connection.


Mum life questions

What is your number 1 piece of advice for a new mum?


They won’t be this little forever, and it won’t be this hard forever. Try to enjoy the everyday moments because one day in the not so distant future you will be reminiscing about these times. And YOU do what suits YOU as a Mum, as you’ll see below.

What was the worst advice you received as a mum?


If you bottle feed your child you are a failure of a Mum. Now to be honest this wasn’t specific advice from anyone in particular, this was the message I was telling myself after different advice from a number of different Mums. None of which was correct. You do what suits YOU is what I now know.

What is your most embarrassing mum moment?


I have plenty. Baby brain made me get into the wrong car, and put bread in the fridge and the iron in the fridge. I also forgot nappies for a 20 hour flight and Sailor did an exploding poo right on take off that went through her clothes and mine!

More about you


What does a day in the life of Chezzi Denyer look like?


Busy. I am hand feeding the cows at the moment which is an extra hour to two hours per day. I wake at 5am most days to try and get started. I spend about 4 hours per day driving and in between I manically do emails, try to help organise my Husband’s schedule and then in between being a Mum and doing things at the School, I edit and produce Mummy Time!

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