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Holly & Marie

Holly and Marie are the founders of 'Facing Motherhood'. This brand is all about self-care goodies for mamas. They have created some amazing goodies to help tired mums look after themselves too.

These lovely ladies met through Instagram and what started as outings to the zoo lead to a power team ready to conquer the beauty industry one tired mama at a time.

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Helen & Lisa

Helen & Lisa


Helen and Lisa are two hilarious mamas who share all things motherhood.


"Mama loves to share is a Frankston/Mornington Peninsula based blog sharing all things “Mama Life” has to throw at us! The places we love to go, the food we love to eat, kids, family, adventures, women who inspire us and the joys (and jokes!) of motherhood.."


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Mireille is the creator of Prep Steady School Ready. She is a Primary School teacher with two children of her own.


In business, she aims to equip parents with useful tools to help prepare their children for school. Her products are personalised, fun and affordable.

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Steph is the creator of Styla Prints & Design. She has a passion for design and produces some amazing and unique pieces for all occasions. Her products can be personalised or custom designed to suit any occasion or theme your heart desires. 


Steph does all of this whilst raising two beautiful young girls and understands the big juggle of a working mum.

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Michelle is the founder of Sleep Tight Babies Australia. She is a mum of four beautiful children who believes sleep is not just important for baby but also for mums and the whole family.


Her business specialises in sleep products and stocks some of the most popular products such as Lulla Doll. 

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Steph Pase


Steph shares everything from organisation to interiors, fashion, mum-life and fitness on her blog. She is full of useful tips and tricks that have changed the lives of so many women, including me.


She is real, she is supportive and she is passionate about making mum life that little bit less stressful through a decluttered home.

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Christina is a mum of two gorgeous girls, a foodie and all round relatable mum. She shares her daily routines, struggles, achievements and tips with her followers. Christina often reviews products and recommends only what works for her. She is a pleasure to follow!

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Renee is a sensory play genius who is making it easy to bring this amazing and educational play to your own house. She is a primary school teacher with two children of her own. She shares so much insight into play and its benefits through her posts, products and personal stories. Between running her business, running hands on workshops across Melbourne, working and raising her babies, this mamma sure has a busy schedule. 

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Chezzi Denyer

Chezzi is a mum, a wife, a farmer, a journalist...just to name a few of her many hats. She is also the face behind Mummy Time. Chezzi is using her media presence to raise awareness for so many amazing causes such as the drought problem for our farmers as well as sharing the everyday struggles of mum life. Although she is a busy lady, she is down to earth and takes the time to reach out to her fans. She is a true inspiration to all women and young girls. 

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Stacey is a mum of two gorgeous boys who's aim is to make a difference to her followers. She provides great education around nutrition and exercise and gives amazing recipes and workouts on her social media profiles. She is a personal trainer, a wife and a busy mum who enjoys trying to share as many mum hacks as possible. 

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Rach is a busy mum of two gorgeous boys. She is passionate about beauty and shares all her tips, tricks and hacks with her followers. She has recently started a podcast with Sarita Holland called Couch Confidentials where they chat all things mum gossip. She is a joy to follow and always brightens your screen with her smile.

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