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Let them explore books. Be surrounded by books. Read lots of books.
We have so many books in our house and I love it. We have the ‘good books’ which are only for bedtime reading or with an adult. Then there is a set in Cristian’s room and one in the lounge room that the kids constantly play with. These books have seen better days but that is not the point of them. They are there to be used. ⠀
Books are such a powerful tool for learning. They expose children to such an amazing world of imagination, characters, places and stories. It encourages vocabulary building, dialogue and the beginning of many comprehension skills that children will need in their schooling.
If you’re out of ideas of what to do with your child, get out a tub of books (preferably board books for younger children) and explore them with your child. Read them, discuss the pictures, the characters and the various concepts. You’ll soon see the amazing value of books.

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