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Playing with blocks has endless possibilities and there are many benefits. There are different types of blocks that allow children of all ages to play, build and explore.
For Sofia, who is almost two, we use Duplo blocks. She truly enjoys matching shapes and sizes, building towers, and the best part, knocking them down. She uses those little chunky fingers to build and pull apart, so she is strengthening her finger and wrist muscles. And of course, she is using her creativity to explore different ways of building.

Cristian, who is four, also plays with Duplo but has lately discovered LEGO. For an older child, these are great for their fine motor development because the pieces are smaller and require you to precisely place them together. And once again they are creative in the designs they make or they learn to follow instructions to build something prescribed.

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Then there a wooden blocks, which my kids love as well. These are often tricker to build with but oh so fun to knock down.