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Bedtime Routine⠀


Bedtime routines are the beginning to a successful sleep. Children need a predictable routine to rely on and to give them the right cues to know it is time for bed. 

A successful bedtime routine needs to be concise and non stimulating, this will help the child winddown and prepare for sleep. If a child can predict what is coming next, they will be at ease and more likely, able to self settle to sleep. This is also a moment of the day to spend some quality time with your child, so although it doesn't need to be a long routine, make sure you do not rush through it.⠀

Every household with have their own bedtime routine, however you will find that there are many similarities. The routine may begin with a bath and putting on the child's pyjamas. This allows the child to understand that bedtime is not too far away. This is then a great time to move the routine to the child's room (or where they will be expected to sleep for the night). This part of the routine will generally include story time, conversations about the day or some lullabies. You may end your routine with a cuddle in bed, a kiss goodnight and lights out. Make sure it is clear to the child that this is the end of the routine and that now it is time to go to sleep.

It is important to end the routine in the child's room. This makes the child feel comfortable in their room and they will see it has a positive place. It should always be you leaving the child's room, not the child taking themselves to bed from the lounge room.

Bedtime can often feel pretty hectic, but it is important to make it a predictable and positive routine for the child. This will send them the right message about bedtime; that it is not something you just rush through, but a quality moment for you and them.⠀

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